Post a picture of your desk on our Twitter account! May 19 2014, 0 Comments

We at are very interested in learning more about what all the hundreds of thousands of office desks out there look like. 

So... we are asking that you Tweet to us (@OFFICEDESKCOM) a picture of your office desk on Twitter.  Use the hashtag #mydesk.

Don't clean it first (unless you will have a complex about not doing so)--just submit a picture of your desk.  We will give prizes for a few categories: most interesting looking work space, most organized, coolest looking place to plop down and work, messiest space, most likely to be a government desk, and a few others.  Spread the word about this fun deal to your friends and co-workers.  The more pictures of desks, the better! 

Oh, and we will give you free publicity for your company or business if you are one of the winners (we'll post it here and also tweet it out), and we'll also give you a significant gift card to our store!

To get us started, here is a picture of my office desk as of right now. :)

Tweet away!

Update: there are four or five pictures up so far--keep them coming!  Here is our Twitter page in case you need it: