October 03, 2019

Too Many Options!

Finding the right desk can be hard. Sifting through a seemingly endless barrage of choices from a multitude of vendors can be paralyzing. With that in mind, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our personal favorite pieces in a few categories to try and help narrow down your choices.

Before we get to that though, it's important to consider a few things before choosing which desk is going to be perfect for you.

What Do You Need?

There are a handful of practical things you'll really want to consider when shopping for a new desk.

Size -What will you be using your desk for? Do you need to keep a large computer, monitor, and keyboard on it, or just a laptop? Do you need to have a lot of other things handy all the time? All these things will be important when figuring out what size your desk should be. You need to be careful not to to get a desk too large because that runs the risk of having extra space that is just going to get cluttered. You also don't want a desk too small, as that will cause you to feel cramped and may even decrease your morale and productivity!

Your space is also important when considering the size desk you need. This may seem obvious, but it's important to measure your space and make sure that the desk size you are considering comfortably fits inside the space you have.

Storage -This is an important factor that's easy to overlook. Even if you just need a little space for a few files and some pens/pencils, you should be looking at desks that have at least a couple drawers. If you have a lot of stuff that needs a place so it isn't cluttering the top of your desk, make sure the desk itself can accommodate that in the form of extra drawers. There are all sorts of different storage options built in to a variety of desk styles, so you can always find a solution you like, but you still need to make sure it's something you are considering when desk shopping. This also ties into another consideration.

Shape -There aren't a tremendous number of options in terms of desk shapes, but it is still a noteworthy consideration. When considering the shape of desk you want, all of the above consideration also come into play. If you need a lot of extra space, you may want to look at a U-shaped desk with three workable surfaces as well as some built-in storage in the form of drawers and/or a hutch. If you need extra space and extra storage, but still need to use space efficiently, you may want an L-shaped desk with a built-in credenza that provides both an extra surface and extra storage.

Time Spent at Your Desk -This is another element that needs to be considered when choosing your perfect desk. If you find yourself on the go all day, a smaller desk is probably wise, or even a standing desk! If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you probably want a larger desk that has more space, and it will also be important to have a very comfortable and supportive chair.

Our Favorites

Now that we've given you a very brief guideline in what to look for, allow us to show you some of our favorite products that we have to offer in a few different categories. Your preferred style is going to be subjective and personal, so use these recommendations as a jumping-off point.

Modern:Modern furniture sometimes feels like a broad term. Generally speaking though, modern furniture is going to be sleek, minimalist, clean, and often include a combination of different materials, like metal and wood. Many of our products can fit in this category, but one of our most popular modern desks is this beautiful piece from Sharelle. It has all of the above criteria for a modern desk and puts them together in a very attractive package.


Glass:This desk is a new addition and it is gorgeous. This would also fit into the modern category, and is unique in that the glass is white rather than transparent. It makes for a unique, modern, and very clean look, and also features a few built-in drawers.

L-shaped:Here is another popular choice in our L-shaped category. This desk is durable, beautiful, and convenient. It has a credenza built-in to take care of any storage needs you have, and it can also be used as an extra work surface.

If you are looking for something simpler or on the more traditional side, Bestar is always going to be a safe bet. They are reliable, affordable, and fit in with anything. Here are a few of their great L-shaped options with varying degrees of storage.

U-shaped:U-shaped desks are for those who need a bit of everything. This U-shaped desk has a great color scheme, a hutch for extra storage, and of course three workable surfaces.

Standing Desks:Standing desks are best for people who are on the go, but can be used by anyone. They encourage you to keep moving and active, and promote good posture and other healthy habits. Mayline makes incredible standing desks, as well as desk options that can be used as sitting or standing desks. That's why Mayline standing desks are our favorite.

Traditional:If the more modern style isn't your thing we also have more traditional options. This one is probably our favorite for its traditional look, lots of storage, and sturdy build.

Solid Wood:We have a few desks that are made with solid wood through and through. We are partial to solid wood tops with live edges that show off the natural look of the wood, but there are plenty of options!


We hope you find these suggestions helpful, and if you loved any of these examples you can click on the images to purchase them!

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