February 24, 2015

If you're thinking about taking a step in the right direction when it comes to your career, then keep in mind the future space that you'll be working in. Whether you're a mahogany lover or more of a futuristic neon fan, your office space can mean the difference between snoozing after lunch, or being rejuvenated and ready to start each day with the impressive perks and accessories your new office has to offer. Here is our list of the top ten coolest office spaces to get your creative juices flowing.


LivingSocial | Washington D.C.

Living Social's offices are just as fun and colorful as their awesome deals. If you find yourself employed in their Washington D.C. office, you'll be delighted with their casual atmosphere, free chair massages, theater tickets, beer tastings, yoga, CrossFit, and other weekly activities that take place in their corporate office.


Getty Images | Seattle, WA

Getty Images' corporate office in Seattle brings the rich and warm wooden colors that are inspired by the vast forests of Washington. Not only do more than 400 employees enjoy the warm woods of the interior, but also the terrific laid-back and fun atmosphere!


Epic | Verona, WI

The best part about the Epic offices in Verona, WI are probably what's surrounding the offices and not what is inside of them! After crossing the moat to get to the Epic headquarters, the software company boasts an waterfall outside of its cafeteria, a treehouse for conferences. Their offices definitely live up to their name!

ValueClick | Chicago, IL

This three story office space is color coded with over half a dozen color schemes, with network cables to match. ValueClick's offices also host over fifty scrum areas for better efficiency and communication with their employees.


Autodesk | San Francisco, CA

If you find yourself working at Autodesk, you'll be part of an incredible team of innovation and design, with offices to match! The Autodesk gallery regularly holds 20 different exhibits to showcase the talents of their workers! 


Avon | New York City, NY

In such a culturally rich city filled with art, fashion, and nightlife, Avon's Third Avenue offices in Midtown will make any employee proud to call them home. The offices have salons and samples of every product sold by Avon, making for some terrific employee perks!

Pallotta Teamworks | Los Angeles, CA

Working in a 47,000 square foot building would definitely be something to brag about on its own, but with all the benefits that Palotta Teamworks has to offer, its employees have one amazing story to tell! Looking more like an unfinished warehouse than a corporate office, Palotta Teamworks offers its employees one of a kind offices with love sacs, pebbled ponds, and catwalks. 


Kuehne + Nagel’s | Atlanta, GA

This high tech logistics company has offices on most continents, but it's the Atlanta office that is really a reflection of the company. The futuristic building offers the best in technology for their employees, along with an incredible work atmosphere!


DocMagic | Torrance, California

The mortgage industry may not seem like the most exciting business atmosphere, but DocMagic provides incredible accommodations for their employees! This futuristic corporate office in California has Jetson-era seating, along with vibrant offices with carpet in crazy colors like purple and royal blue!


Zappos | Las Vegas, NV

Zappos really raises the bar in terms of office design. The company quickly set the standard for employee perks and extracurricular activities. Their corporate office in Las Vegas, NV is truly employee centered.  You'll normally find it decorated in preparation for the next activity or according to the supervisor's dreams with vines, trees, and stuffed jungle creatures hanging around.

Many of these office spaces feature an open floor design plan, which Millennials in particular find inviting, flexible, and conducive to higher productivity. Learn more about the trendy (yet likely long-lasting) Millennial office design phenomenon that is taking hold, and consider the possibilities!

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