Shipping and returns policy

Shipping and Return Policy

When you purchase from us at, you agree to all of the terms and conditions, including the terms of our return policy . 

We proudly offer free shipping on all orders at  The only stipulations are that you must have a physical address (no P.O. boxes) and you must be in the 48 continental  states.  Most of our manufacturers will ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, but there are extra fees associated with such orders.  Contact us for a shipping quote if you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.  We ship some of our products via FedEx or UPS, and heavy products or larger orders ship through various heavy freight companies (LTL). Our products are packaged properly to ensure you receive your products in perfect condition.  

Please be aware that certain LTL (heavy freight) carriers will not deliver the boxes inside but will only drop the pallet or boxes off at your curb.  We try to include inside delivery on all of our shipments, but sometimes the carrier does not offer this service. Items shipped with FedEx or UPS will be delivered to your door but also will not be carried inside.  This is your responsibility as the receiver of the shipment.

When you receive an LTL shipment, you or a representative must be present at the delivery location, since the package must receive a signature before being left.  The reason LTL carriers require a signature on all shipments is so that they can have a record that the shipment was received in perfect condition.  So when you sign your name on the line, you are stating that this shipment is in perfect condition. The reason they want this record is because by nature of being heavier and bulkier, LTL shipments are damaged more often than FedEx (small freight) shipments.  The delivery agent will push you for a quick signature, just telling you to look over the box and then sign.  However, this is not what we recommend!  They want a quick signature so they can file that shipment as "done" and avoid having to pay for any damages after the fact. 

So when receiving LTL shipments, here is the best course:
1. Inspect the boxes first.  If the boxes are very beat up - misshapen or with holes in the exterior - we recommend refusing the shipment without even opening the boxes.
2. If the boxes look okay, tell the delivery agents they will have to wait a few minutes while you open the boxes and inspect the pieces.  Please be careful while opening the boxes, and open them with a box cutter to avoid damaging the boxes (since the boxes may still be necessary if there is a problem inside).
3. Open and inspect the pieces inside - look for any damages.  If you notice wide-scale damages, go ahead and inform the carrier that you are refusing the shipment.  The boxes will need to be closed back up and they can take them back with them.  DO NOT SIGN THE DELIVERY SLIP IF YOU ARE REFUSING THE SHIPMENT.
4. If you notice one or two small issues that are correctable, like a couple of boards that are banged up, you do not need to refuse the shipment.  Simply write a detailed note on the delivery slip about what is damaged before signing.  Then we can get those pieces replaced for you free of charge.
** If there are any damages whatsoever, please document with lots of pictures, as well as notes on the delivery slip.**
5. If everything looks good, go ahead and sign the delivery slip.

**Please note** - if you fail to follow this process, and sign for the delivery without inspecting everything fully, and later find damages inside the boxes, in most cases these damages are not covered by the carrier.  In this case there is no claim we can make on the shipment and it may become impossible to get you replacement parts.  So please follow the above instructions precisely!

In essence, if a box appears visibly damaged at delivery, you are encouraged to refuse the shipment due to damage. After we are able to process the claim for damage, a new product will then be shipped to you.  If you see or suspect any damage, please take many pictures and document everything, including making a note of it on the delivery slip.  This will make claims on your behalf possible.  Also, please ensure all boxes remain usable.  If boxes are destroyed and become unusable due to being ripped apart, a return may become impossible, as most manufacturers will not accept a return without the original box. With all of that said, we will work with you to ensure you receive a high quality product in perfect condition, and we will work to ensure your satisfaction.

The vast majority of our orders are delivered in perfect condition.  Occasionally, however, products are found to have defective or missing parts.  In this case, replacement parts will be shipped to you free of charge.  

If, however, you want to return the item due to defective parts instead of waiting for replacement parts, you will be responsible for a standard return, which will include restocking fees and return freight charges.  We strongly encourage you to wait for replacement parts in this case.

If you place your order and immediately change your mind, you may cancel your order without strings attached.  Just call or e-mail us to cancel your order.  However, once your order has been submitted to the manufacturer (but has not yet been shipped), you will be charged a $25 order cancellation fee.  If shipping had to be purchased separately and we incur a cancellation fee, this also will be passed along to you as your responsibility.  

Once an item has been shipped and/or received, in some cases you are simply unable to return that item (for example, if a product is out of production, or if the regulations of the manufacturer dictate so).  If no return will be accepted by the manufacturer, you may not return the item and simply must accept it (this does not include instances of damage--see above for those details). 

If the manufacturer will accept a return, you must follow these requirements/steps to make a return:

1. The item must be in completely new condition.  This means that it is packed exactly the way it was by the warehouse, with all packing materials, box, pieces, etc. and taped up just the way they shipped it out.  If you are not sure you want the item, don't open it.
2. You must request a return authorization from us, and we will then request a return authorization from the warehouse it shipped from.
3. If the return is authorized (that is typically not a problem), you will be given instructions on how to ship the item back to the warehouse (return shipping fees are your responsibility).
4. Once the item is received by the warehouse and confirmed in "new" condition, they will refund us, minus the restocking fee they impose, which is usually 20%.  We will then refund you whatever is left, the amount you paid, minus outbound freight costs and the restocking fee.

** Please note: do not rip boxes apart when your desk is received, or throw the boxes or packing materials away, or a return may become impossible.  Most manufacturers will only accept a return if the product is in the original box with packing materials.

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