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The finest service & selection in the office furniture industry since 2011 


OfficeDesk.com was born as the best place to buy office furniture in early 2011, with the goal of providing something no one else in the furniture industry was providing: knowledgeable, available service!  So we launched the site and worked to become experts in our products, constantly tweaking the product line to offer the best lineup of quality products anywhere. 
And all along the way we have sought to offer hands-down the best service possible.  We truly care that our customers are excited by their products, and 100% satisfied.  Over time, as we’ve grown and changed, we have found what we expected to find: people really care about being able to ask questions, and about getting great service on their orders. This has become our mission: to serve our customers well through offering unique, quality office furniture at great prices, with service that literally cannot be matched in this industry.

Truly, what sets us apart is our service.  Obviously we care about other issues, like offering an impressive selection of office furniture, great pricing, and free, no-hassle shipping.  We are passionate about these things, in fact!  But from the start, our focus has been on serving our customers well.  We won't always be able to beat the Amazons of the world on price (though we try!), and we refuse to offer every product out there (because some are just not very nice!), but we can offer the world's best customer service.  


That's what we strive for.  When you call, you are not directed to any recording.  You don't have to choose from options.  We simply pick up your call and ask how we can help you.  When you e-mail, we get back to you quickly!  Most importantly, we know the products so we are able to answer your questions, or get the answers quickly.  Our team goes to furniture shows and check out various manufacturers ourselves, and we only list products we like, and products produced by premium, high-quality manufacturers


We can help you find the right products for you, and we will continue serving you until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase--and beyond!  We want to continue to meet your needs for office furniture for years to come.  We hope you'll give us a chance to make you one of our raving fans!


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