Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are some of the questions we are regularly asked over e-mail or the phone, so we thought it might be helpful to list them here in case you might have one of the same questions.  If you have other questions, feel free to contact us!


How long does it take to receive an order?

The answer to this question depends on the product(s) you are ordering, and where you are located.  The quickest way to get an idea of the answer is to go to the specific pages of the products you are purchasing and click on the “Shipping Information” tab next to the description.  In this tab you will see some basic information about where the item ships from, and can get a general idea of how long the “lead time” is for each item on your order.

We work hard to get orders shipped as quickly as possible, whether they are shipping with FedEx or an LTL (heavy freight) carrier.  You can always feel free to ask us more specific questions about an existing or potential order by contacting us.

If we order multiple products, can you offer a discount? 

Yes!  If you are talking about 2-4 products, we can usually offer around 10% off your order.  If you are ordering more than that, we can usually get you a larger discount.  Please send an e-mail to with the list of products you’d like to order, as well as your shipping address, and we will work up a custom quote for you and get you the largest discount possible.  

Are your products high quality? 

One thing that sets us apart is our selection.  By that we don’t mean we have the largest selection, because we don’t – but we think we have the best selection of office furniture anywhere.  We only sell premium products, from the best manufacturers.  If our customers give us a poor review on a product, we take that seriously.  If we hear it again, we take the manufacturer off the site, no matter how much wasted time that will mean for us.  We only want to sell products our customers love, because if they don’t love the product, it hurts our business!

Also, our products are selected through our team personally visiting furniture shows and selecting the pieces that offer both premium quality and great looks.  We haven’t physically seen every product, but we have seen products from each manufacturer and can vouch for the quality of the products that manufacturer produces.

Do the products come assembled / does your price include assembly / can we add on assembly? 

95% of our products do NOT come assembled – they must ship as flat as possible in order to keep them in perfect condition throughout the shipping process.  A few come assembled because that is the way they are produced (often the made-to-order products like some of our solid wood desks), but most must be assembled.

Our pricing includes the product(s) on your order delivered, but does not include assembly. If you cannot assemble the products yourself, and do not have a facilities team or a local handyman who can assemble, we generally direct our clients to ask for quotes from local assembly companies on sites like Thumbtack and Yelp.

While some other companies might offer what is called “white glove delivery,” where the carrier both delivers and assembles your product(s), we generally do not recommend that option.  It is more expensive and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery, and in the end the white glove delivery agents are not furniture assembly experts.  So our customers have had issues with faulty assemblies in the past, after all that waiting and extra cost.

So what we generally recommend if you need help with assembly is to have our regular carriers deliver the products, and then schedule a time with a local, professional assembly company to come in after delivery to assemble the product. When you get a quote with local assemblers, you can also let them know if you need any additional services on top of assembly, such as moving the pieces, or removing boxes, or removing old furniture - and they can typically make that part of their quote. You would pay that professional directly for that service.

If you have questions on this or need assistance, we can certainly try to help.  Just reach out and we'll give it our best shot.

Do you have a physical showroom where we can check the products out in person? 

Actually, our website is our showroom – it’s just online.  We sell products from over 30 manufacturers on the site, and to our knowledge none of them have a showroom open to the public.  We do go to furniture shows to personally touch and inspect the products we sell, but the manufacturers do not have public showrooms.

One other option beyond simply seeing images of the products is requesting a sample of the finish.  If you want to see in person a wood finish, or what a lacquer looks like, or try to match it to what you currently have, we can request a sample to be shipped to you.

What happens if our shipment is damaged, or if it comes and we don’t like a product? 

If there is anything wrong with your product(s) whatsoever, whether it comes with missing parts or is defective in some way, we will take care of those issues 100%.  On any such issues, we will make it right as quickly as we can, and we will do it free of charge.

As it relates to damage, we work hard to avoid damages by using only very high-quality carriers who move shipments quickly and efficiently.  We have stopped working with carriers if we run into frequent damage issues, so we have narrowed down our carriers to a select group that has a very high percentage of shipments that are perfect.  However, even with the precautions we take, damage happens.  Our shipping policy spells out how to handle issues with damage, and we send our customers a document on every order shipped via LTL carrier which details all the steps to take to protect against damage.  When something does arrive damaged, our customers typically refuse the damaged box(es), and replacements are sent at no charge.   

On the other hand, if you merely don’t like a product or changed your mind, that is more complicated.  Most of the time the product is able to be returned, but because of the high cost of freight, it is not free to do so.  The customer is responsible for the freight costs, as well as a restocking fee imposed by the manufacturer.  After these costs, your refund might be something like 60% of what you paid by the time all is said and done.  **This is only the case on a “change of heart” return where there is nothing wrong with the product but customers simply changed their mind and want to return it, or don’t like the look of it.**  The reason for these charges is because our company pays in full for the freight costs to get an order shipped, and those charges are non-refundable.  Therefore, if we refunded customers in full whenever they changed their minds, we’d go out of business.

We would like to emphasize, though, that we have under 1% of our orders that request a return.  Because we work so hard to sell only premium products, we rarely have a customer who wants to return a product because of quality or even because they don’t like it.

I am interested in a product that shows it is “on a wait” – when will it be available?

We regularly update inventory levels, so you can add your name to the list on any product that shows it is on a wait, and we will contact you when it comes back in stock.  But if you’d like an estimated date for when it will arrive, just send an e-mail to with the product(s) you are interested in, and we can give you the latest information!

Do you offer discounts to the trade?

Yes, if you are a designer or work in the furniture industry, please reach out and we can get you a trade account set up. Check out this page for more information. We would love to get you going with our discount tiers for designers,where each order you place will earn you a larger discount until you reach our peak trade discount.

How do I find out more information about a product, like what it’s made of?

The quickest way would be to contact us, and if we don’t know the answer we’ll find out for you!



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