June 25, 2015

Let me guess, your daily routine includes waking up, getting ready for work, scarfing down a mediocre breakfast and heading to the office where you sit all day.  Before you know it, it’s 10 o’ clock and you are wondering where your day went, not to mention you have no time to exercise.  What if I told you that you now have the option to combine both work and exercise? 

Premium LifeSpan Treadmill Desk Workstation (TR1200DT5)
Exercising and getting the recommended 30 minutes of cardiovascular training each day is crucial to having a healthy life; including, lowering blood pressure, decreasing the risk of diabetes and increasing metabolism.  However, it is difficult to accomplish this with the pressures of everyday living.  Statistics suggest that only 40% of adults exercise and of that percentage only 25% get the recommended amount (WebMD).   Exercising while working would be the ideal setup, and it is now possible with the treadmill and stationary bike desk that Office Desk offers. 


Premium LifeSpan Bike Desk with Automatic Height Adjustment (LSC3DT7)

A new trend in the workplace is to get up and do mini-workouts to get the blood flowing and the body moving, but these exercises halt the work process and can reduce efficiency.  The two desks that OfficeDesk.com has to offer both have desks attached to the standard treadmill and stationary bike that would be used at a gym.  Therefore, you can simultaneously work AND work out!  The gym is now being brought to the office!

I know what you’re thinking though.  A treadmill and bike… in the office? That can’t look too appealing.  But these desks will fit right into the office setting with their sleek silver design and modern look. Also, there is plenty of surface for your laptop and other work essentials as well as the ability to alter the desk height to match yours! These are desks that cannot be passed up.  Invest in your health and well-being with these desks and you’ll never have to worry about your missed gym time again. 


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