February 15, 2018

We were amused to read this week that even the smart folks at the New York Times have trouble picking out attractive and functional office furniture. In a series of hilarious tweets, employees at the paper posted photos of bizarre, couch-like pieces that no one can quite figure out how to sit on. Or in. Or upon. 

We think this may have something to do with trying too hard, a normal tendency when you're choosing furniture or designing a space. Super modern, space-age furniture (like this stunning red crocodile desk from Sharelle) is great--if it's a piece that makes you happy and your life easier. 

This Architecture Digest article detailing a recent office makeover at an emerging-design retailer in New York City had us nodding in agreement. Tips shared include decorating with homey rugs and art that has a personal connection to the space or the people in it. 

Another suggestion was to invest in office furniture on wheels for convenience and functionality. 

Here are some of our favorite be-wheeled pieces from our collection:

Rustic Conference Table by Moe's Home Furnishings



Mobile Filing Cabinet in a Neutral Finish



Ultra Padded Modern Office Chair by Zuo Modern



Lifespan Fitness Bike Desk


Not only will these pieces save you time when you're cleaning or rearranging, but they will also make things easier when you're ushering in a new trend of office furniture in the future!  Regardless, just make sure to choose something you know how to sit on!

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