May 27, 2023

At the heart of any great business is a network of individuals who can aid one another in harnessing inspiration, raising that business to new heights.

At, that network is found between us and our manufacturers. One of those manufacturers is Walker Edison, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company that thrives on innovation. Their team delights in working outside the box and exploring how traditional designs can be recreated for a modern office.

Take a look through some of their recent offerings, and how their out-of-the-box style creates a unique office furniture design!

Farmhouse styled L-shaped desk in white with natural wood top

A style rapidly gaining ground in a variety of offices is the modern farmhouse aesthetic. With rugged structures, industrial flair, and a focus on functionality, these pieces stand out in any setting, be it the professional or home office. This L-shaped desk blends sleek matte white with a natural top for a traditional farmhouse look, finishing the design with exposed, bold hardware. The neat, no-nonsense structure ensures maximum functionality.

Narrow ladder-style triangular bookcase

Speaking of maximum, this bookcase offers maximum use of even small corners through the slender footprint. Triangular shelves ensure that it can be tucked into any corner, while the stacked, ladder-like structure gives plenty of room for storing and displaying items or books.

Bookcase with Sliding Door

Finally, this elegant addition to these new releases stands out through the addition of a sliding barn door on the front. With six shelves, and an array of stunning rustic finishes, it is a perfect addition to any office in need of extra storage.

With refreshing styles and stunning finishes, Walker Edison is leading the industry with modern farmhouse design. Keep a close watch for new items from this manufacturer!

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