August 25, 2016

Leslie Barker wrote an article this week for the Dallas Morning News, where she described the results of a recent Texas A&M study.  This study looked at the effects of one group of children sitting at traditional desks, while another group used standing desks for a portion of the day.  Over the course of two years they saw amazing impact!

The group at the standing desks burned more calories and had a significantly better BMI, and this study links up with a host of others that suggest we significantly decrease our risk for a host of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, when we stand for at least a portion of our day. 

We have cited such studies on before, and the reason is because we've become convinced that when buying office furniture you ought to consider buying furniture that enables you to stand!  Such sit-stand desks enable you to sit for a while, then raise your desk top and stand for a while.  We sell several such desks, and also sell some new units from Bestar that have both a stationary desk top and a second desk top that goes up and down electronically. 

We have become convinced ourselves!  We just bought from this very collection for our staff, knowing it will make a huge health difference over the years to be at desks that enable us to stand!  We hope you'll consider joining the party!

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