August 23, 2018

It's time for a new desk and a new look for your office! This can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you don't know exactly what you want. 

Well, we're here to help you decide. If you want to modernize your space, give it a little spark, a little pizzazz, glass is the way to go. Glass top desks are popular right now for a few reasons. They offer a unique style that you can't get with any other type of desk, they reflect minimalism and a streamlined feel, and they come in a variety of stunning designs!

But the question becomes, what desk to choose? 

We've compiled a convenient list of ten different types of glass desks that might just make the perfect desk to help you modernize your office space.

1. Glass Console Desks

Maybe you just need a desk that is out of the way, like in a small workspace that is easily accessible in a nook, hallway, or against a wall--a little getaway space, where you can store a few supplies, or simply set your laptop down to work for a while. A glass console desk is just the thing. 

  • This narrow console desk features a handy pocket, where you can store books, papers, or office supplies. It has a grey metal frame with a white accent, and the tinted glass top is both stunning and elegant. It will add a hint of urban industrial to your space.
  • This metal and grey wash console desk also features a handy shelf for storing supplies, but has a black metal frame and a clear glass top. Elegant, lightweight, and easy on the eye, nothing will make it easier to work than a simple desk like this.

2. Wood & Glass Desks

The thing about wooden furniture is that it never goes out of style. Wood harkens back to a simpler time, and gives a sense of elegance, quality, and durability. When you combine a glass top with a wooden base, those desks take the qualities of durability and lasting-power, and combines them with a feeling a modernity and grace. 

  • This glass-top desk features a gorgeous walnut base with brass accents. This mid-century modern style is a great way to spruce up an executive space, or to make your office feel open, welcoming, and safe.
  • Go urban industrial with a darker walnut and frame metal frame to add to the elegance of the glass top. The narrow top makes it versatile, easily fit into small, oddly-shaped, or at-home offices. This desk will make your office feel homey and welcoming.

3. Simple Glass Office Desks

If all you want is a glass office desk, nothing more, nothing less, then simplicity is key. It needs a glass top and supports. Simple desks are great because they offer a lot of flexibility when you are designing your office style. You can mix and match them with just about any color, design, or furniture.

  • This clear glass and stainless steel desk is a perfect example. It has a flat top, and stainless steel posts. That's all you need! It will add a clean, streamlined look to your office that you can't get any other way.
  • Or check out this much smaller glass-top office desk with aluminum legs. It's narrow enough to fit into small or oddly-shaped rooms, but still has that clean, streamlined feel. Modern, minimalist, and magnificent, you can't go wrong with this white glass desk.

4. Stainless Steel & Glass Desks

If you're looking for a more urban or industrial look, try stainless steel combined with glass. The glass offers a clean, modern feel, while the stainless steel gives it a rough, industrial edge. 

  • This stunning executive desk with brushed stainless steel is a phenomenal example. If you're worried about the durability and strength of a glass desk, this will set your mind at ease. It features tempered glass, lined detailing, a brushed finish, and a bold look. Not to mention, you can also grab a matching console desk or printer stand to give your entire office a raw, unrefined, industrial feel.
  • Go bold or go home with this desk, featuring three rectangular stainless steel supports. The clear glass offers the light, minimalist feel, while the sturdy stainless steel legs provide both support and soft futuristic look. This desk is a nice compromise between too simple and too chic. Bold, inspiring, and elegant are great words to describe this beautiful desk.

5. Desks with Great Legs

It's all about the legs, especially when it comes down to a glass-top desk. The clear surface offers the unique opportunity to showcase a gorgeous pedestal or two, which will add an element of grandiosity to any office.

  • Take this clear glass desk with two tri-posted stainless steel pedestals, for example. When you look at it, the eye is drawn right to the supports, which are striking, shiny, and bold. It features a wide top that offers you plenty of room to spread out, and will add a flair of elegance to your office space.

6. Glass L-Shaped Desk 

L-shaped desks are all the rage. Why? Because they make it easy to have everything you need within arm's length, and allow you to maximize corner space. So, when you combine an L-shaped desk with a glass desk, you've got convenience, efficiency, and modernity all in your corner (pun intended!).

  • This black steel and glass L-shaped desk will easily fit into any corner, allowing you to maximize your space. It features a glass top, a black steel frame, and a geometric design. The slide-out keyboard tray is also glass, and offers a little extra convenience.
  • If black isn't your color, how about silver? This glass desk features a sleek silver base with bowed legs. The sliding keyboard tray is glass as well, and it offers plenty of leg room. Gorgeous, simple, and refined, this desk makes it easy to be efficient!

7. Glass Desks for the Home Office

If you've got an office at home, the desk has got to be more than just functional. It has to match your style, be big enough to work (but not too big!), and sturdy enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of home life.

  • Enter this stunning desk, with a tempered glass top and a glossy white accent. The design is simple, eye-catching, and elegant, and the tempered glass will ensure it lasts. It's 63" wide, not too small and not too big, and will add workspace and elegance to your at-home office. 
  • Glass and gold, this desk is stunning, yet simple. It is 66" wide, making it a large surface for at-home work, and it features a saw-horse style base in matte brushed gold. The thick glass top is easy to clean and sturdy enough for typical day-to-day office work. Clean lines, stunning design, and plenty of surface area make this desk ideal for an at-home work space.

8. Bold Desks That Make a Statement

Maybe you're looking at your desk as an opportunity--an opportunity to make a statement, to say something about who you are as a person or about who you are as a company. A glass desk with an audacious base or unique design is the way to go. 

  • Consider this solid, sturdy glass-top desk with four white legs. It features a pearl silver aluminum underneath the glass to give it depth, and you can either choose a clear glass top or a sandblasted bubble glass top. This desk boasts strength, elegance, and style, all in once piece of furniture.
  • Or maybe you're looking for a desk that speaks to cleverness, cunning, and the ability to carve your own way through shark-infested waters. We've got a desk for that too. The glass top symbolizes clarity and vision, and the unique stainless steel base features sharp angles and geometric shapes, that offer both stability and elegance.

9. Crackled Glass Desks

Maybe you don't want just plain old glass. Maybe you're looking for glass with a snap, a crackle, and a pop. Well then, crackled glass is just the thing! The gorgeous crackling effect is caused by a finish added to the glass. It is beautiful, and adds a diaphanous feel to the piece. 

  • This sophisticated desk features two different tops (the choice is yours!), either a smoky crackled glass, or a simple crackled glass. The base is a stunning stainless steel that is bold and inspiring. This desk will sure add personality to your office!
  • This desk has a simpler design, with four dark walnut columns supporting your choice of a crackled glass or smoky glass top. Simple, gorgeous, and bold, this crackled glass desk is perfect for you.

10. A Completely Glass Desk

Maybe what you're looking for is a glass desk. Literally, a glass desk. All glass, with no extra features, no wood or stainless steel, no crackling or anything. Unfortunately, these are rare, and frequently out of stock. But we can still help!

  • Check out this elegant executive desk with a glass top and glass legs. It has a unique style with the angled legs. It's one of our most popular sellers, always coming in and out of stock. 
  • You might also be interested in something like this--an ultra chic L-shaped glass desk, with glass legs and a glass top, and curved corners. It comes with a walnut cabinet, for just a little bit of extra eye-popping style. 

If the piece you like is in stock, grab it now! If not, sign up to get notified of when it's back in. These gorgeous pieces made entirely of glass never last for long.

Go Big or Go Home with Your Glass Office Desk

If you really want to bring the wow-factor to your office, then we have just one more desk to share. This desk is stunning, bold, and will make an impact on anyone that walks through your office door. 

This ultra modern glass desk features a stainless steel base with a geometric, vertical rod design, giving the impression of a wave or of movement. It is solid, sturdy, and eye-catching, which is exactly what you need when choosing the centerpiece of your executive office. 

If you're still not sure what glass desk is right for you, browse our comprehensive selection of glass desks today! The right desk is out there, you just have to keep looking.

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