Office Furniture for Interior Designers: Get an account & get great discounts!

If you are an interior designer, one of the most common problems you likely face is finding the right places to source and purchase furniture from for your clients. It can be quite hard to find a great company, with only quality offerings, who will work with you and help ensure your (and your clients') satisfaction!

Well, we have good news! You have found the last company you'll ever need when it comes to sourcing your office furniture. We specialize in working with interior designers - because we really enjoy it! You are great to work with, you know what you need, you know how the business works, and you have an eye for unique, quality furniture.

We like to think we have a lot in common. We also are a small company dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, and we also have an eye for beautiful, modern furniture that is of a premium quality. We have worked with countless interior designers and design firms, and since such companies have become some of our favorite clients, we established this page with the sole purpose of finding you - and establishing a partnership!


Below we plan to explain three things:

  1. How you can sign up for an account with us
  2. What that account will get you
  3. Our discount tiers

Signing up for an account

First, how do you sign up for an account with us? It's incredibly simple. You just send an email to with the name of your company. If the email address is linked to your company's website, we will check the site and that is all the confirmation we need. If you email from a generic email provider like Google, we just need to see a copy of your resale certificate, business license, or business card.

Once we have confirmed you are an interior designer or work for the trade, we will send you a custom code to use during checkout whenever you purchase furniture from us. That will get you a starting discount of 11%, but your discount will go up each time you place an order (see below).


What the account will get you

Second, what will that account get you? First, it will save you money each time you order. See the discount tiers information below for more details. Second, you will receive personal service for whatever you need on each order. If you need your items shipped on a particular date, we can do that. If you need items on an order shipped to multiple locations, or if you need help finding an assembler, or if you need assistance finding matching products - whatever you need, we will be happy to assist!

The best way to get in touch with us is through email, as we are on it all day and respond to our customers quickly. We pride ourselves on not being like the bigger companies out there who don't know their own products, don't provide personal customer service, or are slow to respond. You can be assured we will get you what you need as quickly as possible.


Discount Tiers

Our main desire when it comes to a relationship with you is to make it long-term. In order to encourage that long-term partnership, we reward our interior designer partners with increasing discounts. The more you order, the higher your discount goes!

When you first open an account with us, your discount is 11%. As you order more, you move up into higher and higher tiers. Here are the tiers:

Tier 1 (first order): 11% off
Tier 2 (second order): 12% off
Tier 3 (third order): 13% off
Tier 4 (fourth order): 14% off
Tier 5 (fifth order): 15% off
Tier 6 (sixth order): 16% off
Tier 7 (seventh order): 17% off
Tier 8 (eighth order): 18% off
Tier 9 (ninth order): 19% off
Tier 10 (tenth order & beyond): 20% off

If you consistently order with us and get up to our top tier, you will have a permanent 20% off discount to our store! Many times that will mean you will actually get items for less than cost, saving you big money as you serve your own customers. And remember, every order on our site always includes free shipping, so you can calculate quickly and accurately what your total will be.

The only caveat is that a new tier is only achieved for a new project. You cannot place multiple orders for the same client within a single time frame and move up all those tiers. For each "project" you will gain a tier.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started partnering together - just click the button below and email us with the name of your company, and we'll get everything rolling.


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