April 09, 2014

There is growing research that shows a great health benefit related to standing desks.  Of course there are other ways to stay in shape, but for many the cumulative effect of sitting all day for years on end will be seriously detrimental to their health, and science is learning more about the ways standing for at least a portion of your work day can help keep you healthy. 

Joseph Stromberg's recent article at Smithsonian.com even mentions that utilizing a standing desk can decrease your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer!  How much of that research will prove accurate will "come out in the wash" over the years, but for now this is research worth listening to! 

For many, due to both established work routines and the required tasks associated with their jobs, they simply cannot stand all the time.  I fully identify with that, and need to sit for at least part of the day while I am writing a blog post, or going through invoices.  But for much of my day, standing while I work would be simple, and if it has even a portion of the health benefits mentioned by Mr. Stromberg, I need to consider adding a desk with the option of standing. 

For me and many others in this situation, a sit-stand desk would be probably be the best option.  With the simple push of a button these desks are raised and lowered via an electric motor.  We have some great options in our Standing Desks Collection.  Check them out--for your health!

Here's my personal favorite.  I need to start saving. :)  For lower cost options, consider checking out Luxor standing desks.

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