September 23, 2014

So our entire company, throughout our history, has been focused on providing the best customer service in the industry.  We pride ourselves on it.  If you are in the  market for office furniture for yourself or your business, we are simply the best place to go if you want help.  We know our products; we answer the phone; we work with you on price; and we follow through until you are 100% satisfied.  Our customers return to us, tell their friends about us, and know that if they go elsewhere they are going to lose on customer service, even if they might save a few bucks. 

All of that said, we ran across this article that showed what we already knew to be true: when customers receive bad customer service, they do something about it.  They go elsewhere, they seek out a company that actually cares, and once they find a company with top-notch service, they stay there.

Personally I would rather pay a bit more and get top-notch service, particularly if something goes wrong.  We strive to not only offer the best service in the industry but also ridiculously good pricing.  But if we are a bit more than a giant with less-than-stellar customer service like Amazon, so be it.  We will beat the pants off of them in service.

Check out the article I am referencing here:

Speaking of customer service, let us know if we can serve you!

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