February 09, 2015

We have been a bit surprised by this trend, but we have tried to stay out in front of it for our customers nonetheless.  Modern conference tables are seriously blowing up!  It seems nearly every customer we speak to on the phone asks us about conference tables to go with the modern desk they are buying, and many are buying extendable conference tables and using them as their desk andas a conference table when the need arises.

It makes sense if you think about it, since our tastes for large desks have been expanding over the last few years.  The majority of buyers has also been shifting away from the traditional, saying that the more modern and clean the design, the better.  So we have sold countless conference tables like this one below, and many of our customers are using them as their primary desk that also can serve as a meeting point if necessary...

There is also a boom in extendable conference tables, where you can have a smaller desk sized piece that then expands into a large scale conference table when necessary.  There are many examples of this on our site's conference table page, but here is one of the larger scale options, a piece that extends all the way from a small 49" in length to 167" in length!

This explosion in the types of tables that can serve as conference tables is, well, cool!  It will mean many offices are looking less and less traditional, with the large wooden conference tables - and many more are looking stylish!  Not only that, but these new offices will be light on their feet and so much more functional, able to shift a conference room into something totally different, maybe something like this from Zappos!

So if you are looking to add a modern look to your office, consider adding one of our conference tables as a permanent meeting spot, a piece that can be shifted around the office and contracted or expanded, or as your large scale modern desk.  Our customers are raving about them...

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