November 22, 2019

Here at we have lots of manufacturers we love that make amazing products. We want to start taking a moment to highlight some of our favorites, and this week we have Monarch in the spotlight.

One thing we love about Monarch is their diversity of products and the convenient features they offer. Things all Monarch products share are sleek finishes, sizes that are great for any offices including small ones and home offices, and modern designs that will knock your socks off. They also feature different materials, from premium lacquers, to stainless steel, to tempered glass, sometimes all at once!

 They also frequently feature conveniences like built-in drawers, shelves, hutches, and cubbies. So, you are never short on places to keep books, binders, files, supplies, decor, and more! 

Outside of desks, they also have mobile files, bookshelves, and chairs. Everything you need, Monarch has and they make quality products. 

Feel free to click on any of the pictures to check out the products above, and you can also look through all of our Monarch products here

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