December 06, 2019

At we sell a lot of beautiful desks that we love, but we wanted to sit down and pick some of our favorites. If you are on the hunt for the perfect desk, this is a great place to start because there is something for everyone on this list. These are the desks that wow you as soon as you see them. They are made from premium materials for that top quality feel, and have amazing modern designs that will turn heads. These are in no particular order, but here are 10 of our favorite modern desks that we offer on the site. 


This gorgeous desk is by top manufacturer Sharelle. The clean lines, spacious glass top, glossy white finish, and awesome brushed metal legs really make this desk shine. On top of that this desk sports convenient drawers and a hole for wire management. 


This snazzy executive desk is the epitome of modern design. It's subtle, has a sleek gray oak finish, and can easily blend in with any other office furniture and decor. The stainless steel legs have a great polished look, and it's a spacious 75" wide. We love this because it's simple but still has a unique base that gives a cool stylish look. 


This funky desk is all about that base. This base acts as a privacy panel, and has an utterly unique look that is truly one-of-a-kind. The glass top is large and really sturdy, and the whole piece is just plain impressive and cool. 


This table also has an edge because of it's intersting stainless steel base. The v-style base has a signature shape that provides a ton of stability and looks absolutely amazing. The polished look will blow you away, and the glass top is modern, elegant and gorgeous. 


This desk is great because of the combination of the glass top and the wooden legs. The handsome walnut legs create a really interesting contrast with the glass top that melds modern and natural in a really beautiful way. This also features the convenience of extensions that means you can use this as either a spacious desk or a meeting/conference table. Between versatility and a great look, this piece is a must-have. 


This is similar to our #6, but with the wood and the glass switched! The washed gray finish gives a cool, rustic look, and the sturdy glass legs give that touch of modern for an awesome combination. This also features four drawers to keep all your supplies in, which is always a handy feature. 


This one earns its spot for sheer uniqueness. The entire desk is made out of stainless steel rods which makes for an uber modern look, an incredibly sturdy build, and is something you wont see anywhere else! 


More glass and wood? What can I say, it looks great! Aside from another great, modern design, this desk also has the added benefit of an L-shape with a second work surface. The whole desk is made from tempered glass, with some stainless steel supports, and the cabinet store your supplies and comes in two colors to suit your style. 


This is another desk that gets props for being different. The finish, the shape, and the wooden legs are all elegant, unique, and come together perfectly to make a stunning piece. Nothing makes you feel fancy like nice desk, and this desk is as fancy as they come. Top that off with drawers built-in for storage and you have yourself a winner. 


This is one of our most popular desks and it speaks for itself. The design is minimalist, sleek, clean and just looks sturdy and modern. The curved shape has an executive flair and the glossy white or wenge finish makes this stand out. This will make any executive office look amazing. 


If you love any of these desks feel free to click on the images to purchase them. Also, make sure that you take advantage of our winter sale!

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