March 07, 2019

You are bold. Innovative. Energetic. You find solutions for problems that no one else can and your customers walk away empowered. But when a potential client first walks into your office, is that what they see? 

The moment a new customer or client steps into your business, they will immediately make a judgement about who you are, your capabilities, your effectiveness, and whether or not it is worth their time to work with you. Your office needs to project who you are as loudly and as clearly as possible. 

There are a few things to take into consideration when assessing the statement your office decor makes about your company and your brand.

First of all, cleanliness. Is your office clean or is there dust everywhere? Are the carpets worn? Do the curtains need to be washed? Or are the windows clear and letting in a lot of light, the credenza dusted, and new flowers set in plain view? 

Secondly, your furniture. Are there worn spots? Are your employees complaining about their chairs? Is the waiting area dingy and dark? Or do you have new, modern furniture, coffee available in the waiting area, and individual customization of your employees' personal work spaces? 

Making your office space into a place that is warm and comfortable doesn't have to be a chore, and it doesn't have to be expensive. You don't have to do an entire remodel, either, just add a fresh spark to the space. Here are just a few things you can do to freshen up your office space, while also clearly reflecting you and your brand.

1. Be Bold.

Update your office look on a regular basis, not only for holidays, but with new furnishings or decor. Your office is a part of your brand, so its look and feel should be refreshed periodically. You can change big things, like buying modern desks or replacing the carpet, or change small things like replacing curtains or adding unique decorative objects to empty spaces.

For example, if your brand focuses around logic, rational thinking, or science, you could easily add a decorative object, such as this atom-shaped sculpture made from steel and marble. It is unique, interesting to look at, and sends a clear message to your new clients and customers--"we care about the facts."


Modern art is also a bold choice, communicating that you like to think outside the box. Something like this geometric silver sculpture will give your clients something interesting to look at, while also hinting at the fact that you are an expert at dealing with complex problems.


2. Be Innovative.

Don't just do what everyone else is doing--cubicles, standing desks, open office space--just because they are doing it. Ask your employees what they would like to see in the space. Use up those nooks and crannies. Got a mostly unused closet? Take the door off and make it a coffee station. Have a long, empty wall that is boring to look at? Commission a local artist to create a colorful and bold mural to fill up the space.

You can also put some serious thought into your decor choices. For example, ask yourself, "What does my business prioritize, and how I can show that visually?" For example, if you are a problem solver and you want that sort of imagery to be present in all aspects of your business, you could add a sculpture like this: 


The center is simply a hole: that is the problem that needs to be solved. And you are capable of and ready to find the solution.

3. Be Energetic.

There's no better way to communicate vitality, energy, and life than with color, and there are tons of ways to add color to your space. Buy a bright rug or some lively, patterned curtains. Or, do something simpler and add a wall hanging to your space that creates an energetic vibe.

This pink and orange wall hanging has a flowery aesthetic that is bright, cheerful, and appealing.

Pink & Orange Blossom Wall Hanging

Or add something a little more subtle, like this modern art wall hanging with broad, bold brushstrokes of black contrasted to white and a bright yellow.


Even easier than a wall hanging is a vase! Vases come in all different sizes, shapes, and color. If you have several, they are easy to store, and then swap out periodically to make your office feel refreshed.

This bright orange vase will give your office a summery, sunset feel (a great option during the dark winter months), or add a little sparkle with this gold & black sunburst sculpture.




4. Be Solution Focused.

Solving problems is your number one objective--and making your office warm, welcoming, and representative of your brand is just one more problem with a solution. And there's one thing that is more effective than anything else at making people feel comfortable in a place of business: light.

Big windows and natural light is the easiest way to do this, but if that's not an option for you, don't worry! Mirrors are your best friend. Mirrors can positively impact your space in two ways: they will make it feel bigger, while reflecting what light there is and making it brighter. 

Not all mirrors are equal though, and there are many options. If you are looking for something bold and artistic, a radiating mosaic-style mirror is a fantastic option. Or maybe you're looking for something fun and silly--try this aviator sunglasses shaped mirror. Or maybe you just need something simple and elegant. This round mirror with a wooden ring will do the trick.





5. Be Empowered. 

Don't hold back. Remember, you can never get back someone's first impression of you--so do everything you can to wow them. A clean, bright office, with an elegant, cheerful, or bold aesthetic will go a long way towards making your client feel at home. 

This stunning blue stoneware vase says it all--many pieces fit perfectly together to equal one, beautiful, bold piece: 

Stunning Blue Stoneware Vase

You are made up of a lot of different pieces--your work, your history, your employees, your clients, your products, and your office space. All these pieces fit together to create you, and while new or potential clients may only see the very tip of the iceberg, you want it to authentically represent your brand, your company and you.

First impressions: they matter.

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