April 17, 2019

Marie Kondo has sparked a minimalist movement, recommending that possessions can cause us to carry stress or tension around with us. While her tips are primarily for the home, it certainly doesn't hurt to bring some of her practices to work with us. While your work, tools, or files might not bring you joy (and you certainly can't get rid of them), you can still make your office a comfortable, pleasant place to work. 

So what is a minimalist office desk? What does one look like? 

Well, for starters, they aren't complicated (which is of course, the point). Most minimalist desks are a simple desktop with legs. They don't have a lot of features, like drawers, cord management, or hutches. But that doesn't mean that you don't have any options!

There are three main things to consider when choosing a minimalist office desk: the tabletop, the legs, and the style.

1. The Desktop

Desktops come in a wide variety of styles--wood, glass, ceramic, lacquered--and in pretty much any color you could wish for. The most expensive desks are made from solid wood or marble, and the cheapest from basic MDF or metal.

For example, this contemporary desk comes in three different colors: black, bordeaux, and chocolate

Black Office Desk with Silver LegsBordeaux Office Desk with Silver LegsChocolate Office Desk with Silver Legs

It has a simple design, a simple shape, and gives a strong minimalist feel--but you still have choices when it comes to how it looks. 

You may also prefer something like this glass-topped minimalist office desk with a solid oak French-style frame. The glass adds an even stronger minimalist feel. 

Glass-Top Executive Office Desk w/ Walnut French-Style Legs

And if you can't quite bring yourself to have a desk with just a basic desktop, consider something like this simple white desk, with just one narrow drawer. It will give you a place to stow a few key times, such as pens or paperclips, helping you keep your minimalist space tidy and neat.

White Office Desk w/ Black Legs & One Drawer

2. The Legs

Every desk obviously needs legs, but legs can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. If you're going for a minimalist style and feel, you'll want a simple style, but that doesn't mean the legs can't also be bold or elegant. 

This office desk has a simple glass top, but features eye-catching brushed steel legs with bold design. The style is linear and geometric, but can still add style and character to your office design.

Glass Top Desk w/ Brushed Steel LegsGlass-Top Desk w/ Brushed Steel Legs in Linear Design

If you're going for sophisticated, this glass-top desk has elegant, eye-catching gold-brushed steel legs in a zig-zag pattern, that communicate competence and power. If you're going for character, this desk has it!

Glass-Top Desk w/ Gold-Brushed Steel Zigzag Legs

3. The Style

So far, we've shown desks that are primarily a desktop with four legs underneath, but there are a few other styles of desk that fit into a minimalist category. Maybe you have a small at-home office, or just don't have room for a full-size executive desk. Or maybe you're looking for something with more versatility.

This compact office desk has a simple frame outline with one drawer. It doesn't have a ton of features--it isn't complicated at all; but it will give you the minimalist feel even in a small space. 

Black Minimalist Desk w/ 1 Drawer

Or maybe you're stuck in a corner and need a little more surface area to work. This glass L-shaped deskmight do the trick! It has the clean, sleek feel of minimalism due to the glass legs and top, and one simple white drawer unit to help you keep your work space clutter free, but still have the tools you need easily accessible. 

Completely Glass L-Shaped Office Desk w/ Drawer Unit

Or, if you're looking for more versatility, try this sit-stand desk. It is simply legs and a working surface, but it will raise and lower easily, depending on whether you want to sit or stand. Clean, sharp, and efficient.

Sit-Stand Minimalist Office Desk


No matter what you plan to do, there are plenty of options for creating a sleek, clean, minimalist look in your office space. Whether it's about getting new furniture or getting rid of the old, remodeling or refurnishing your work space is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, and give you the drive to push forward on your projects. 

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