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In 2016, Gallup found that 43% of people are working at home at least some of the time. That number has certainly only increased over the last two years as companies continue to embrace the benefits of a virtual workforce

If you're lucky enough to be one of the millions of people allowed to work in the comfort of your own pajamas--er, home--it can be a challenge to create an office space that fits the aesthetic of your abode and inspires productivity. More and more, furniture manufacturers are turning out products that are functional and fashionable for the remote worker. Consumers are buying up designs that make their office feel like an office, but also like part of their homes. Here are some tips for a home office 

1. Invest in multi-use pieces. A day bed that can become a couch. Bookshelves to store files and also the family's collection. A filing cabinet that doubles as a guest night stand. 

Chase Warren Filing Cabinet

This Chase Warren handmade, oxidized hard maple lateral filing cabinet features leather drawer pulls and is so stunning, no one will guess your TPS reports are inside. 

This ultra-modern credenza boasts all the storage you need, but its tempered glass top and high-gloss exterior would be perfect for a guest-room entertainment center. 

2. Sometimes smaller is better. If you're trying to cram your office space into the laundry room, the backyard shed, or even a spare closet, small pieces will be your best friend. 

A floating desk eliminates space-hogging legs and opens up the visual field. 

Compact Writing Hutch

This compact writing desk with mini-hutch in walnut is slender but handsome. 

3. Choose moveable pieces. It seems like we mention this in every blog, but pieces on wheels are so great for versatility and flexibility. If you're working in a guest room, moveable furniture is ideal for obvious reasons. Similarly, if you find yourself in a work rut, a room refresh is much easier with pieces that you can rearrange easily and by yourself. 

This stand-up adjustable desk can be easily moved to accommodate the in-laws or to combat writer's block--which ever one comes first. 


If you're working to furnish a home office, remember these key tips. And if there's any way we can be of assistance, feel free to contact us here


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Grace Dim
Grace Dim

April 17, 2019

An office must have a furniture. When we organize or furnishing our office, we will need some idea to create a stylish and comfort office. When the feeling of comfortable have in the office, the works will be better. I just discovered your blog. I like the way how you explain for the key tips for furnishing a home office. Thank you for your work on nice blog. I look forward to return soon.

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