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Well, we have been working hard to get the Mobital furniture lineup added to the site, as more and more demand comes rolling in for modern conference table options.  And Mobital has some excellent options.  They aren't cheap, but they are premium, high quality pieces that will really turn some heads!  They will take any office up a notch, toward a high end, modern office!  One example is below.

This one-of-a-kind, gorgeous piece is 100% solid wood and would be a perfect centerpiece conference table for a modern office.  It's totally unique top looks like this:

And its edges are "live" so they fluctuate in and out with the natural wood that the table is crafted from.  Sweet.

Here's another example:

Does this table not look like what a tree would look like if it became a table?!?  So cool!  The "branch" like legs are actually made of solid steel, and the top (also with "live"edges) is made of solid ash & solid rowan and finished in dark cocoa!  This is perfect for a CEO or entrepreneur's desk at a start up tech firm, or somewhere they value innovative, fresh designs. 

If you're looking for something made with glass, then the option below is also a great new addition to our lineup:

This new offering combines unique legs made of polished stainless steel with a premium clear glass top that extends in length from 62" to 94"!  If you want a desk/table that doubles as an executive desk and a place for your team to meet, this is a great choice!  As with all of Mobital's units, it's made with premium materials and is sure to last for the long haul...

We have added several other chic choices from Mobital, and you can see them all by going here.

Oh, and the discount...  If you purchase a Mobital unit in April or May, take 10% off your purchase with discount code MOBITAL10.  We hope we are able to serve you!


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June 18, 2018

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