January 03, 2020

A New Year A New Look

The new year is upon us and it's a popular time for resolutions and life changes. Even if you've already decided to exercise or read more, it's never too late to make some changes to the space where you spend a huge chunk of your time, your office! Have you been using the same desk for years and it's starting to look a little rough around the edges? Have your tastes changed but you still have that same boring desk? Do you love your desk but need to add something to spice it up a bit? If any of these are the case we have you totally covered. Please, let us help you make your office space a place that makes you happy in this new year. We can even help with some other resolutions you may have made!


If your space is starting to look drab or you just feel like you need to change it up a bit, a great option is to modernize with a gorgeous, new, modern desk. We have tons of modern options on our site and we are certain we can help you find something you like. For example there is this beautiful walnut desk from Nuevo that will knock your socks off with it's unique base and handsome walnut finish.


There's also this stunning option made from solid oak with an elegant white wax finish. This desk is a wonderful combination of modern, elegant, stylish, and sleek. It's also spacious so you don't have to worry about running out of room to work on.

These, of course, are just suggestions. You can take a look at our whole catalogue of modern desks here.


We've talked before about the benefits of standing desks, but maybe entering the new year you're finally ready to give it a try. Standing desks are great if you are trying to maintain a more healthy and active lifestyle and don't want to slow down while you are at the office. We have a great selection of desks to help you keep active.


This first desk is for the the most hardcore fitness enthusiasts. With a built-in treadmill and compact size, this desk is the perfect fit for home offices and is the ultimate way to keep yourself moving while you do some work.

If you just want to stay more active, or be more flexible during your work day a sit-stand desk may be just the thing for you. This standing desk can be at sitting height or standing height so you can switch throughout the day and stay comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors and can also be part of a larger l-shaped desk!


Again, you can explore our whole suite of standing desk options here.


Maybe you are perfectly content with the desk you already have. In that case, you should personalize your space with some stylish decor to really make it your own. From wall art to unique lighting options we have what you need to make your space suit your unique style and taste.

We hope you can help you find whatever you are looking for this year. If you have any questions or want personal suggestions we are always happy to help so feel free to contact us! Happy New Year!

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