September 03, 2019

                                   Take a Break!

Here at, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect office furniture. Something that suits your style and keeps you comfortable and happy. However, while we stand by our desks, we by no means encourage you to spend all your time sitting at one. We believe in the power of taking breaks!


Why it's important

People generally believe that an exemplary employee is one that works tirelessly. They get to work early and stay late. But, we are people, and people get tired. While wasting time is certainly not good for anyone, there's a crucial difference between wasting time and taking breaks. Greater minds than ours have been hard at work figuring out why taking breaks is essential, and the benefits associated with them.

You can be much more productive taking breaks than you can working non-stop through the whole workday. We are not built to go without stopping; we need time to recharge and regroup for the sake of our mental health

Taking breaks throughout the day can actually increase your productivity and decrease stress and helps you to engage in healthier habits while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. By stopping a few times throughout the day, especially at lunch, you can maintain the mental capacity needed to stay healthy and focused.


How to use a break

So we've established breaks are good, but what exactly does it mean to take a break? And what do you do with it?

You shouldn't use your break to worry or complain about your work. The purpose is to disengage from your tasks for a moment and allow your mind to relax. Here are just a few ways you can use your break to rejuvenate your mind and get yourself ready to continue your workday:

- Meditate: This is something many may find weird or uncomfortable, but the benefits on your mental health are evident, and there are a multitude of resources available to get started.

- Walk Away: Take a short walk around the building if you can. Even a quick lap around your office can be beneficial and refocus your mind. Take a moment to step away from your task and do something active. Using a standing desk can make staying active and taking short walks a lot easier.

- Look Away: Take a minute to watch a short, entertaining video to detach from your work for a moment (just a moment, don't fall down a cute puppy video rabbit hole!), or even look out the window for few minutes. Even small chunks of time can go a long way to staying relaxed and focused.

- Leave your Desk for Lunch: Many people these days aren't taking lunch breaks, or opt to eat at their desks out of guilt or fear of missing something urgent while they are away. Not only is it vital to take a break for lunch, but it's also important that you spend that time away from your desk for several reasons.

- Help or Interact with your Co-Workers: It's no secret that socializing is important, and that isn't different in the workplace. Take a moment to offer a helping hand to a co-worker or even just tell them how you're day is going.


So, by all means, buy yourself a nice desk and chair, that's why we're here. Just don't let your desk become your home.

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